Doors 门艺 is an agency specializing in cultural production and promotion. Based in Beijing and Paris, Doors organizes exhibitions and events in China and around the world in a range of fields (contemporary art, photography, fashion and music), working closely with artists, institutions and companies.

Why Doors 门艺?

China's extraordinary economic and urban development has seen the construction of 5,000 museums, 3,000 theaters, 41,000 movie screens over the past decade, accompanied by a tremendous demand for culture and entertainment – both in traditional and digital forms (social media). This frenetic pace is the result of a political and economic plan that seeks to establish cultural exchanges between China and the West – best illustrated by the ambitious and long-term initiative of « One Belt One Road », with the goal of turning China into a major cultural hub. China, a five-thousand-year-old civilization, is well aware of the importance of investing in cultural projects, which in addition to bringing international prestige are also powerful vehicles for communication and soft power. However, while China is reinventing models for global cultural production and consumption, their contemporary cultural ecosystem remains largely unfamiliar to the West.

The goal of our agency is to open doors and facilitate cultural exchange between China and Europe, through creative and innovative events & projects.