Doors 门艺 has an outstanding network of service providers and partners in the fields of culture, government, media and luxury. This network is the result of over 15 years of experience successfully facilitating cultural exchanges between Europe and China.

The Doors 门艺 team’s unique expertise covers a wide range of services.


Event design

Production, executive production and technical direction

Partnerships and communications




Media relations

Social media - Set-up and management of accounts on Chinese social media (WeChat, Weibo...)

Media partnerships

KOL and celebrity endorsement

Production of communication materials - visual identity, website, catalogues and flyers...

Art direction & consulting

Curating and art programming

Production of artists’ works (public or private commissions) d’œuvres d’artistes (commandes publiques et privées)

Relations with artists and collectors

Visits of artists’ studios and acquisition of artworks

Strategic consulting

Learning expeditions -Organization of learning expeditions in Europe and China in the cultural field

Analysis - Production of analysis/research studies

Relations with institutions and cultural players

Design of custom-made cultural content solutions

Commercial support for cultural product distribution