Doors Art & Culture Agency

Bridging the East and West through Curated Events

Based in Beijing and Paris, Doors 门艺 is a platform for art and culture exchange between China and the West. Doors acts as a consulting agency, an art curator, and a cultural producer and promoter.

Founded in 2017, it was created to respond to the growing demand for cultural dialogue between China and the West. Traditionally and until recently, cultural exchanges between China and the West remained a diplomatic matter. The agency was born from the observation that there were virtually no professionals active on the ground to help fill the gap between a growing demand for cultural content in China, and France’s willingness to export its exceptional cultural heritage.
The mission of our agency is to open doors and facilitate the conversation between China and Europe, through creative events and innovative projects.

We conceive, produce and promote cultural events in China and France, in a range of fields, working closely with artists, institutions and companies. We help European institutions and art companies bring their programs and develop their presence in China. We promote Chinese contemporary creation in Europe. We advise brands and corporate clients on their cultural marketing strategy.

Our Services

With 20 years of experience in the cultural field between Europe and China, Doors’ unique expertise covers a wide range of services.

Art Direction & Curating

Working closely with artists both in China and Europe, Doors curates exhibitions, conceives art programs and acts as an art advisor, with a focus on Chinese contemporary art and photography.

Cultural Consulting & Strategy

Doors helps brands develop cultural content and resonate across cultures: art exhibitions and programs, collaborations with artists, tailor-made studies, training sessions and workshops.


Doors helps promote cultural institutions, events or projects across different channels in China (social media, press, media partnerships, KOL, production of communication tools…).

Exhibition Touring

Collaborating with world-class art collections and curators, Doors acts a tour manager and producer of temporary exhibitions in China.

Production & Project Management

From the concept, planning and design phase to its execution and promotion, Doors’ team can conceive, produce and manage your cultu- ral project from A to Z.


Doors helps cultural institutions develop collaborations with Chinese partners in order to generate revenue and visibility: merchandising and brand licensing, fundraising, sponsorships…


LocationM WOODS 798 (Beijing), TAG Art Museum (Qingdao)
Dates1 October 2021 - 4 January 2022, 14 January - 27 March 2022
ArtistMan Ray
CuratorsMarion Meyer, Victor Wang (M Woods)
locationUCCA Center for contemporary art (Beijing), UCCA Edge (Shanghai)
DatesMarch - June 2022, July - October 2022
ArtistHenri Matisse
CuratorPatrice deparpe
LocationICICLE Cultural space (Paris)
Dates22 September 2021 - 31 January 2022
ArtistsZhan Wang, Jonathan Bréchignac, Charlotte Charbonnel, Noémie Goudal, Shao Wenhuan
CuratorsBérénice Angremy, Victoria Jonathan, Gabrielle Petiau
LocationA2Z Gallery (Paris)
Dates4 November - 4 December 2021
ArtistLuo Yang
CuratorsBérénice Angremy, Victoria Jonathan
LocationUCCA Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing)
Dates15 June - 1 September 2019
ArtistPablo Picasso
CuratorEmilia Philippot
LocationHospice Comtesse Museum (Lille, France)
Dates19 May - 12 September 2021
ArtistsCao Fei, Chen Min, Huang Rui, Hu Fang, Li Naihan, Lin Jing, Lu Bin, Ma Shu, Jennifer Wen Ma, Ma Yansong, Mei Shuzhi, Peng Wei, Qiu Anxiong, Shao Fan (Yu Han), Jeff Dayu Shi, Wang Leyun, Wang Qin, Wu Haoyu, Wu Jian’an, Xin Yaoyao, Xu Bing, Yang Linqing, Zhang Zhoujie
Design studios & brandsStudio MVW, PINWU Design Studio, WY Art Design Studio, CIGA Design, Founder Type, Mi x HANNTO, Mi x HOTO, NIU, PIY, Smartmi, TUPLUS.
LocationICICLE Cultural SPace (Paris)
Dates1 March - 8 September 2021
ARtistsemmanuel boos, Louise Frydman, Liu Jianhua, Geng Xue, Zhuo Qi
locationJumièges Abbey (France)
dates15 July - 29 November 2020
artistsYang Yongliang, Sui Taca, Luo Dan, Michael Cherney, Edward Burtynsky, Zhuang Hui, Chen Qiulin, Mu Ge, Liu Ke, Jia Zhangke, Zhang Xiao, Chen Ronghui, Zhang Kechun.
curatorsVictoria Jonathan, Bérénice Angremy
LocationMaison de la Chine (Paris)
Dates7 October - 28 March 2020
ArtistsHuang Rui, Ma Desheng, Wang Keping, Chi Xiaoning, Li Xiaobin, Wang Rui
CuratorsBérénice Angremy, Victoria Jonathan
typeArtist collaboration
locationshandong (china)
artistzhang xiao
TYPE publication
year of publication2020
TypePhoto festival
LOCATIONsThree Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing), Jimei Citizen Square Exhibition Hall (Xiamen, China)
DATEs2017 - 2019
organizersThree Shadows Photography Art Centre, Doors 门艺


The DoorZine is an editorial platform where we provide an in-depth approach to our projects through interviews of artists and cultural personalities, and share insights on the vibrant China art scene.

Feng Li at the 2017 Jimei x Arles Award ceremony

Feng Li : “Each of my photos is an independent story”

Winner of the Discovery Award of 2017 Jimei x Arles International Photo Festival, Doors interviewed Feng Li before his solo show at France’s Rencontres d’Arles in summer 2018.


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