Picasso and Giacometti at 798CUBE

location798Cube (Beijing)
dates2020 - 2021
ForMusée national Picasso-Paris, Giacometti Foundation, Beijing 798 Creative Industry Investment Co

In 2019, Beijing 798 Creative Industry Investment Co signed a major Franco-Chinese exchange project with the Picasso National Museum-Paris and the Giacometti Foundation. For five years, the new 798 CUBE Art Center (Beijing) will host major exhibitions featuring the works of Picasso and Giacometti.

Picasso and Giacometti

The Chinese and French teams will be working together to stage a series of 10 major exhibitions over five years featuring works from Picasso and Giacometti. This long-term art collaboration will encourage an in-depth exchange

and development within the cultural and creative industries between China and France. Doors accompanies both French institutions in their relation with Beijing 798 Creative Industry Investment Co, Ltd.

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Director of the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing since 2011, he hosted the most important Picasso exhibition in China in 2019, produced and toured by Doors.


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