Huang Rui’s Cloud House

LocationCloud House (Beijing)
ArtistHuang Rui

Doors 门艺 was commissioned for the communications and media relations for Huang Rui’s Cloud House, on the occasion of the opening of the house to the public. Over 30 Chinese media attended the event.

Huang Rui's Cloud House

Huang Rui, a Chinese contemporary art pioneer who co-founded the Stars art movement (1979) and Beijing’s 798 Art District, now welcomes the public every weekend at the Cloud House.

The Cloud House, Huang Rui’s own house and artist studio, is a unique place in Beijing, whose contemporary architecture uses gray bricks that are characteristic of old Beijing’s hutongs.

Some of his most iconic works are on display across the house, including his paintings Seamstresses in a Street Production and Yuanmingyuan – New Life, or his famous séries of abstract paintings Language Color and CHINA-Chai-na and his sculptures Language Form.

Huang Rui’s Cloud House will regularly host education and culture events for the public: concerts, performances, screenings, and talks.


Huang Rui's Cloud House


Huang Rui's Cloud House

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