A World History of Women Photographers

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year of publication2020

Doors is proud to have contributed to “A World History of Women Photographers” under the direction of Luce Lebart and Marie Robert, published in November 2020 by Textuel.

This sweeping collective survey illustrated with 450 images features works by 300 women photographers from around the world, from the medium’s earliest days to the dawn of the 21st century. Few of their names have come down to us today: the renown of the “great masters” has airbrushed them out of the history of photography.

For this manifesto book, Luce Lebart and Marie Robert asked 160 female authors from around the world to write about the diversity and careers of these photographers.

Doors coordinated the book section dedicated to China: nine biographies introducing the Empress Cixi, Isabella Bird, Hou Bo, Xiao Zhuang, Wong Wo Bik, Wang Miao, Xing Danwen, Cui Xiuwen and Chen Lingyang, authored by Bérénice Angremy, Marine Cabos, He Yining, Victoria Jonathan and Karen Smith.

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