Cartier at the Forbidden City: Beyond Boundaries

locationForbidden city (Beijing)

In 1996, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presented the work of Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Le Pot Doré, in front of Taihe Men (The Gate of Supreme Harmony) at the Palace Museum of the Forbidden City, marking the beginning of over two decades of exchanges and friendship between Maison Cartier and the Palace Museum.

View of Cartier exhibition at the Forbidden City : "Beyond Boundaries"

Following the exhibition Cartier Treasure in 2009, and the collaboration in 2017 on the restoration of antique timepieces belonging to the Palace Museum, Cartier and the Palace Museum organized an exhibition in 2019: Beyond Boundaries: Cartier and The Palace Museum Craftsmanship and Restoration. The curators selected over 800 cultural relics, including jewelry, clocks, costumes, objects and archives from the collections of these two institutions, as well as from museums all over the world. 

Doors accompanied Cartier in the recruiting of trilingual mediators who presented the exhibition.

Incorporated with more than 1,600 exceptional creations, the Cartier Collection embodies the essence of the Eastern and Western cultures,

with exhibits witnessing the change of social fashion trends. Since 1989, the Cartier Collection has been invited for public exhibition in more than thirty of the world’s most prestigious museums. The Cartier Collection has forged a bond with China for a long time. Through exhibitions at the Shanghai Museum, the Palace Museum, Taipei Palace Museum, Liaoning Provincial Museum, Shanghai Power Station of Art and Sichuan Museum, the Collection has presented to the Chinese visitors the essence of French art, and the cultural collisions between the East and the West.


View of Cartier exhibition at the Forbidden City : "Beyond Boundaries"


View of Cartier exhibition at the Forbidden City : "Beyond Boundaries"


View of Cartier exhibition at the Forbidden City : "Beyond Boundaries"


Gold seal with inscription 'Da Qing si Tianzi bao' (Great Qing Treasure of the Son of Heaven). Chongde reign (1636-1643), Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).The Palace Museum Collection


Scroll tiara, Cartier Paris, 1910 ©Collection Cartier


Pocket Watch. Late 18th century, England. The Palace Museum Collection


Bird of Paradise Brooch Cartier. Paris, special order, 1948


Chimera Mystery Clock. Cartier New York, 1926


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